How to tighten facial skin without leaving home - miracle recipes for rejuvenation

Girl with toned skin after applying products for rejuvenation

After 40 years, we, in addition to a comfortable heel and heel height in shoes, begin to worry about the condition of facial skin. Time, alas, is incorruptible, and the first signs of aging in the form of fine wrinkles are already reflected in the mirror. How to tighten the face at home? Let’s talk about that.

We tighten the oval of the face and chin using charging

We have selected for you a small set of exercises to help remove "dog cheeks", double chin and tighten facial skin. After all, it is these age-related changes that spoil our mood in the morning when we look in the mirror.

Neck and chin

The first exercise is "responsible" for the appearance of the neck and chin, and also smoothes wrinkles under the lower lip.

  • We place one hand on the clavicle and fix the skin. Lift your chin. The mouth should be closed.
  • We stretch the bottom edge, stretching it to the sides. At the same time, you should feel how the muscles of the neck, chin and lower lip are tense.
  • The position should be fixed for five seconds and calmed down.
  • You should start with five repetitions, increasing their number by one each day. You have to do up to thirty repetitions.

This exercise gives excellent results. Especially if you do this several times a day.

General elevator

To tighten the skin of the face, and at the same time to remove hair, such an exercise will help.

  • We breathe. We spread our lips in a smile. We press the tongue to the alveoli (tubercles in the palate behind the teeth).
  • We tighten the chin muscles and adjust the position for five seconds.
  • You should start classes with five repetitions, bringing them to fifteen.

Lift and shape

The next exercise at the same time tightens the skin and improves the shape of the oval face.

  • We place the index fingers in the corners of the mouth and adjust.
  • Now lower the lower lip and tighten the chin muscles to the maximum.
  • We hold the position for five seconds and rest.
  • You should start with five repetitions, increasing the number of repetitions each day.

Oval and ri

Next exercise:

  • We put our hands in a "lock" and press them to the chin.
  • Overcoming the resistance of the hands, you should try to open your mouth. You should feel the chin muscles tighten.

No wings!

Another exercise to help tighten the skin. Do it regularly and you will get rid of the hateful crackles (sometimes they appear after 40 years) very soon.

  • We spread our lips in a smile.
  • "Put" the lower lip over the lower teeth. You need to feel the tension in your chin muscles.
  • We adjust the position for five seconds.

At the end of the charge, you should do a light massage.

Spoon massage - execution technique

Tight and supple facial skin - this is what women are striving for when they are 50-55 years old. And one of the methods available is massage using ordinary spoons. True, there are still some nuances here:

  • You should get either a teaspoon or a dessert spoon.
  • It is best if the spoons are silver or cupronickel. In extreme cases, the use of ordinary ones is allowed, but the effect will be somewhat less.

Before starting the massage, you should clean your face from cosmetics and apply your moisturizer. The best time for the procedure is breakfast.

Classic massage lines for a rejuvenating spoon massage

Note! You need to cook the face strictly along the massage lines.

Before the start of the session, the spoons should be disinfected. To do this, simply wipe each of them with alcohol.

No swelling and bruising under the eyes

  • The cooled spoons should be applied to the upper eyelids for five seconds. The number of repetitions is five. Then repeat the procedure with the lower eyelids.
  • Apply cold spoons to the inner corners of the eyes. Slowly, making wavy movements with the devices, move the spoons to the temporary region. Apply three gentle pressures to the temporal bone, and then move the spoons to your ears. Hold them for five seconds and turn them again in the inner corners of the eyes. The number of repetitions is three.

We remove the "crow's feet"

We apply hot spoons to the corners of the eyes. With the help of circular motions, we move them to the temples. We repeat the movement three times. Then the same movement should be done once using cold spoons. The total number of alternations is three.

Eliminate forehead wrinkles

Both hot and cold spoons are used for massage.

  • Coat a hot spoon with oil. Attach it to the beginning of your eyebrows. Now, using circular motions, move the devices to the temporary region. The number of repetitions is ten.
  • With a hot spoon, you should draw a spiral on the temple. Then hold the device across the surface of the forehead to the next temple, over which you should also "outline" a spiral. Now take another warm spoon and repeat the movement again but in the opposite direction.
  • Place two warm spoons in the middle of the forehead. Now start drawing a zigzag, pointing the spoons towards the temples. When they reach the temporal bone, lightly press six. Then follow the same movements, but with cool cutlery.

Correction of wrinkles between the eyebrows

Place warm spoons between your eyebrows and press them six times. After that, lift the spoons up along the surface of the forehead. The same movement should be performed using cold spoons. The number of repetitions is three.

Direct the nasolabial folds

Nasolabial folds add another 10 years to the look, and the expression on the face itself becomes somewhat sad. Will we get rid of it?

Open your mouth saying the letter "O". Apply a little anti-wrinkle cream in a warm spoon. Now, starting from the wings of the nose, perform the instruments in a circular motion towards the corners of the mouth. The number of repetitions is three.

A spoon massage, even made at home, significantly improves the condition of the facial skin, removing many expressive lines.

Lifting masks

Loose skin shows a clear lack of natural collagen and elastin. This is why, once you have reached the age of thirty, you can use lifting masks at home. At a more mature age, they should become an indispensable part of facial care.

At the beginning of using the mask, it is recommended to apply twice a week for two months. Then once a week is enough.

With protein

The most popular treatment option is the egg white mask. They "work" quickly and efficiently: the result is visible after the first application.

  1. Add a little lemon juice to the beaten egg white (just a few or three drops). Apply the mixture in layers: after the first one dries, you have to apply the second one, etc. You need to remove the makeup after 20 minutes.
  2. Mix the beaten protein with a little carrot puree. Apply for 15 minutes and then remove with warm water.
  3. Beat the egg whites and mix with fresh fried strawberries or raspberries (they are recommended for mature skin). Hold the mask for 15 minutes. The acids contained in the fruit pulp will make the dried skin smooth and firm again.
  4. Grind the oatmeal in a coffee grinder and combine with the beaten egg white. Apply face care for about fifteen minutes. Massage lightly while washing the product. Flour particles will work like leather.

With yeast

Perfect results are obtained with treatments, recipes for which include yeast.

  1. Fresh bread yeast should be diluted in water to a creamy consistency. Hold the mask for twenty minutes.
  2. Dilute the yeast with water to get a thick mixture, like homemade sour cream. Then you need to add a tablespoon of aloe juice to it and mix well. Apply the mask on the face and leave on for 15 minutes.

To get a more consistent result, the masks should be alternated.

Beautiful woman refreshing her face at home

Additional tricks

Furthermore, you can use the following procedures:

  1. Contrast washing. You just have to alternate between fairly hot and almost cold water with ice during your morning bath.
  2. Contrasting compresses. Lie on your face, alternating pieces of soft cloth dampened with water (napkins or towels) - also hot and very cold.
  3. Herbal decoction ice. It is necessary to freeze the decoctions of parsley and calendula. In the morning, wipe the face first with calendula ice, and then with parsley.

A woman's beauty is daily work and here you can not be lazy. We hope that in our article you will find your personal recipe for preserving youth.